Банкетные залы


You can celebrate the birthday party with friends and family at the banquet hall “Safari”. A colorful, cheerful room can accommodate up to 20 people, but by combining 2 rooms, “Safari” and “Sea adventure”, you can bring along around 40 people! This banquet hall is located on the 1st floor of the entertainment center “Magic World”!

"Sea Adventure"

Spend your most important day in the year in the abyss of waves and a light breeze! The banquet hall “Sea Adventure” can accommodate up to 20 people, but by combining this hall with the “Safari” hall you can invite about 40 people! Located on the 1st floor of the entertainment center “Magic World”!


The banquet hall “Marble” seats up to 40 people (80 people combined with the hall “Holiday with the stage”), there is a huge area for dancing, entertainment and celebration to its fullest! The banquet hall is located on the 2nd floor of the entertainment center “Magic World”!

"Holiday with the stage"

A large hall that contains to 40 persons is the stage on that, every guest, will be able to show the talents. Teaming up witha nearby hall – “Marble”, you will be able to finish celebratinga day birth on a maximum, a capacity is to 80 persons! Located on 2 floors of entertaining center “Magic World”!

"Marine sun"

Comfortable and quiet, on a colour gamut, hall, contains to 40 persons, but if a more place would like for festive merriment, will team up with a nearby hall and then you will be able tocollect a company to 60 persons! Located on 2 floors ofentertaining center “Magic World”, near game machines!


Small comfort hall, contains to 20 persons! And if you willdecide to do the holiday more scale, will collect all family andfriends, then it is a not problem, teaming up with a nearbyhall, you will be able to invite to 60 persons, on celebration ofyour birthday! Located on 2 floors of entertaining center “Magic World”, near playing an automat!


Colourful, juicy and bright hall, where you will be able to finishcelebrating the Birthday, in the circle of family and friends, it isunforgettable! Gather a merry company, to 20 persons, andcelebrate the most important day in a year in an entertainingcenter “Magic World”, in a banquet hall “Rainbow”, that islocated on a 1 floor of playing center!