The only Children's Paintball in Odessa!

The cost, description, rules of the game.

Dress cool equipment, arm paintball markers with paint in a gelatin shell, and you’re ready for a dynamic strategy game!

CHILDREN’S PAINTBALL is an incredibly exciting game where 250 square meters. meters of the game room with military decorations, you can collect two teams, from 4 to 12 people, and find out who is bolder, faster and more skilled. Paintball markers are made especially for children from 6 years old, they use balls of water-soluble paint in the food gelatinous shell, so they absolutely do not cause pain when hit!
For safety, the child will put on special equipment: a paintball mask, a special suit and protective vests!
And in order that already in the first game the child felt like a real professional, the operator of the game center before the game will hold a briefing, after which you can compete with any opponent!
For the game, 100 balls are issued, but if the player enters courage and he needs more shells, they can be bought.

Ticket price: 150 UAH. It includes 1 hour of play and 100 balls. Each child is given a marker, a paintball mask, a special suit and a protective waistcoat.

We accept advance reservation for participation in the game!

Recently, the 8th anniversary of the daughter was celebrated in the children’s center. The program, table decoration and part of the banquet table for 10 children and 5 adults were ordered in advance. Administrators are very kind, everyone told, showed the menu, etc. In general, the impressions of the holiday were positive, the children liked everything!
I am often satisfied with the center with the older child (4 and 3), last weekend they attached a small one (1.5). The game center itself is very like – a lot of places and a lot of toys, an excellent labyrinth.

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